Overhead Garage Storage Brisbane

Ceiling Storage Solutions for Storing Overhead

Overhead Garage Storage is another great way to get it off the floor and onto the ceilings. We have been using Garage Ceilings to de-clutter Garage Floors for years and once you start using your Garage Ceilings for storage you will be amazed at just how much space you can free up around the garage and in the home.

We are The Garage Organising Experts and have been helping our Brisbane Clients get organised with some great ,trailed and tested, Overhead Storage Products. To find out more, click the links below to see all of our great range of Garage Ceiling Storage Products.



Our ceiling storage options include the GoLoft Garage Storage System which can be any size you want them to be. GoLofts can go the whole length of your ceiling, wrap around corners and can even go above your garage doors.

GoLoft Ceiling Storage Cabinets Brisbane GoLoft Ceiling Storage Cabinets Brisbane


StoreLoft Garage Storage Systems work well in high ceiling situations where you still want to access your gear without dangling too high off a ladder. StoreLoft Storage Solutions hold a lot more than the single unit and extend down from the ceiling an adjustable 450mm to 1200mm. When you have lots of gear these units work great for the bigger stuff ,camping, Christmas gear, old clothing bedding and whatever else doesn't fit into your home lifestyle.

StoreLoft Ceiling Storage Solutions StoreLoft Ceiling Storage Solutions

Ceiling Hoisters

Garage Ceiling Hoists are the perfect Garage Organiser, they will lift just about anything up and down from your Garage Ceiling. The possibilities are endless: train sets, kayaks, canoes, lawnmowers, wheel barrows, dinghies, surfboards, ladders, bikes, tables and their chairs and the list goes on! Just pay once and then forget about it as these are the highest quality Hoisting Systems available anywhere in the world; and they should be considering that they are hanging things over you and your families heads!

GoLoft Ceiling Storage Cabinets Brisbane StoreLoft Ceiling Storage Solutions

To learn more about Garage Ceiling Storage Solutions, call The Garage Organisers to speak with one of our Garage Ceiling Storage Experts today.


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