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Keep All Your Gear High And Dry With Storeloft Overhead Storage

StoreLoft Ceiling Storage Solutions

Storeloft Garage Storage Systems is the next economical step down from our Goloft Garage Storage System. This Overhead Garage Storage System is for everyone that who just wants to get it off the floor without spending any more than they have to.

Our Storeloft Garage Storage System is just the ticket. This is the most heavy duty, robust and largest Overhead Storage Racks the world has to offer. Made from thick steel with a baked on powder coat finish, these are made to last a lifetime and carry the heaviest weight load ratings that you can get your gear on to.

Totally adjustable up and down from your Garage Ceiling gives you plenty of room for you and your family to grow into. These Storeloft Units will get it all off the floor and on to the ceilings for a fraction of the price of other Storage Solutions. StoreLoft comes in two beefed up sizes: 1350 x 1220 and 2550 x 1220. Both can be adjusted up and down from your Garage Ceiling from 400mm to a massive 1200mm for those extra high items. Storeloft Garage Storage System keeps all your Brisbane gear high and dry!

StoreLoft Ceiling Storage Solutions StoreLoft Ceiling Storage Solutions

To learn more about StoreLoft Garage Ceiling Storage Solutions, call The Garage Organisers to speak with one of our Garage Ceiling Storage Experts today or check out our StoreLoft Garage Ceiling Storage Gallery to see more.


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